Quality Wind Tunnel Testing and Anemometer Calibration Services

Velocity profiles surveyed in the test section showed that the flow uniformity for the entire test section area is maintained within 0.2% and the turbulence is less than 0.2%.

ASWT1 is an open-circuit, suction-type wind tunnel that has a test section size of 2.5 ft high x 2.5 ft wide x 5 ft in length (0.762m x 0.762m x 1.524m).

With a 50 hp fan-motor controlled by a variable frequency drive, the wind tunnel is capable of generating test speeds just above 100 mph (~47 m/s).

Testing can be customized using special fixtures and data acquisition programmed with National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software.

About Bryza

Bryza Wind Lab, Inc. is a family-owned California corporation founded in 2011. Bryza's wind tunnel, Aero-Subsonic Wind Tunnel (ASWT1), was designed by its founder, Rachael Ishaya. The purpose of the wind tunnel is to accommodate various types of subsonic wind speed testing and accredited anemometer calibration services.

The laboratory was originally located in Fairfield, California. In October 2016, Bryza was moved to a new and permanent location in San Jose, California, a more centralized location that can serve local customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and a more convenient location for customers out-of-the-area.

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